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10 Robot Animals You Must See
Description: From Robot Dogs and Bees yo cyborg sea creatures, these 10 robotic animals are like something out of Black mirror! 10) Festo BionicAnt Robot developer Festo Corporation, a company known for making incredibly futuristic animal-like robots, recently released a highly interesting group of robots: the BionicAnts. Mimicking a real ant colony, the BionicAnts work together to achieve common tasks and Ants communicate with each other, like actual ants, and work to complete complex tasks and trials, demonstrating how a single autonomous robot can come to work with a group when need be. This cooperative technology could be used to one day automatize dangerous jobs, potentially saving human lives without sacrificing the quality of work that is expected. 9) ATRIAS Robot The ATRIAS robot, created by Oregon State University’s Dynamic Robotics Lab, is an excellent example of just how far robots have come. The ATRIAS is a two legged robot with attributes similar to Ostriches or other grounded birds. It is incredibly fast and agile yet also stable. The ATRIAS’s goal was to develop a system which allows robots to walk efficiently, on two legs like humans, by being able to adapt to any puddle, pitfall, or bump in the road. The ATRIAS has even been known to dodge a barrage of dodgeballs with ease. ATRIAS has been cited as potentially being a stepping stone to even more realistically human-like. 8) Robotic Fly Made to look like a common housefly, Harvard’s Robotic Fly could very well become the latest, greatest venture into reconnaissance and rescue technology. Weighing in at only 60 milligrams and sporting a tiny wingspan of 3 centimeters, this tiny robot is perfect for squeezing into small places, this pint-sized bot could revolutionize first response times during accidents and save countless lives by creating an unmanned possibility for reconnaissance missions. At this time, the Robotic Fly is still in the testing and research phase with hopes to potentially add on cameras and audio recording devices to further its usefulness outside of the lab. 7) The Festo Smartbird From a distance, you may easily mistake this impressive robot for its inspiration: the Herring Gull. Created by the Festo Corporation, this robot is truly amazing. It is self-autonomous and can decide when to take off, fly, and land entirely on its own due to continually running diagnostic software which helps the Smartbird adapt to current flight conditions. Data from the flights are recorded and monitored in real time, allowing necessary adjustments to the Smartbird to be easily identified. 6) AlphaDog Have you ever wondered what the robotic version of a pack mule would look like? Meet Alphadog, Boston Dynamic’s LS3 “legged support system” bot. Alphadog stands meters tall and can potentially carry over 500 pounds. Designed to easily cross rough terrain, the LS3 will one day make search and rescue missions much safer, as well as a host of other potentially dangerous situations. Running on diesel and gas engines, the Alphadog requires fuel ups after an impressive 20 miles of travel and features an on-board vision system to allow it to transverse even the rockiest terrains. 5) Crabster The Crabster CR200 is a massive six legged bot developed by the Korean Institute of Ocean Science and Technology as an answer to the struggles faced by oceanic cartographers and explorers. The Crabster can go where no propelled boat or diver has gone before, easily venturing through choppy, dangerous waters. The machine mimics the body design and movements of lobsters and crabs, sporting the ability to shift its posture to better accommodate the ever-changing ocean tides and conditions. With the Crabster’s help, we may soon understand the oceans better than ever before. 4) T8X 3) Robot Dolphin 2) The RoboBee 1)Pleurobot
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