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TOP 10 Amazing Robots in the World 2015 | GOTOP10
Description: .....Top 10 Amazing Robots in the World 10. "PR2" Robot 'PR2', developed by Willow Garage - a company best known for its open-source software suite Robot Operating System in the United States, can experimentally do household tasks and is part of a Europe-wide project. 9. "Kirobo" The 34-cm high robot astronaut, born in the University of Tokyo's Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, wasannounced as the first robot that was able to speak in outer space. The talking robot was set to be employed as 'companion' toJapanese astronaut Kochi Wakata, who is expected to take command of the ISS later last year. 8. Coloning "Bertolt Meyer" World's first-ever bionic man that can breathe, walk and talk is 6-foot tall and built entirely from bionic body parts and implantable synthetic organs. All artificial organs were donated by 17 companies worldwide. The robot worth roughly $1 million was based on Bertolt Meyer, a social psychologist in University of Zurich, Switzerland. The first-ever bionic man stands on display at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, , the UnitedStates, Oct 18, 2013. 7. "Compressorhead" The robotic band has three members: a four-arm drummer "Stickboy", a 78-finger guitarist "Fingures", and a top-notch bassist "Bones".Their maiden performance tour started from Australia last year. 6. "Robot jockeys" Robot jockeys are used and include shock absorbs and GPS tracking systems. The camel's owners control the robot's whips from their speeding four wheel drives at the side of the track. Through bred racing camels can be as valuable as $1 million. 5. "Porton Man" It is a newly unveiled robot mannequin that will help test the next generation of chemical and biological protective suits for the UK'sarmed forces. The Porton Man can walk, march, run, sit, kneel and even mimic the movement of a soldier sighting a weapon, allowingscientists to test the suits designed to protect UK personnel from chemical and biological attacks such as nerve agents like Sarin. 4. "RoboThespian" British humanoid robot RoboThespian, designed by Engineered Arts Ltd, is adept at performing and taking pictures. 3. "Actroid-F" Humanoid robot, considered the world's most beautiful robot, is able to make eye contact and communicate with human beings freely. 2. "Valkryie" The automaton - complete with glowing NASA logo - was designed in nine months by a team of engineers at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, to help humans during disasters and, as with all the other entrants, will be tested in a series of scenarios it might encounter in extreme situations - driving a vehicle, cleaning debris and cutting through a wall. 1. "Robotic pole dancers" Pair of robots, made from discarded auto parts by British artist Giles Walker, perform pole dance once music starts playing.
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